Moving On
from Ansky. 2 September 2009, 16:16.
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For the last 2 years I have made instructional videos and written articles for PokerSavvy+.  I've made
good relationships with the company, and thoroughly enjoyed both my work with
PokerSavvy, as well as the community that has supported me over this
time.  However, the launch of my new TV show has opened up some new
promotional opportunities for me that make staying at PokerSavvy impossible
right now. As such, I’ve decided I need to move on to pursue those

I want to thank PokerSavvy and its community for all the support over the last two years.  I've been
grateful for the positive feedback and the connections I've made. 
PokerSavvy and its community have been very good to me and I’m sad to leave
them behind. I hope that I've been able to help many community members improve
their game. I know that making these videos has helped me improve mine.
PokerSavvy has always provided great content and I expect nothing but the same
to continue moving forward.

Thanks again. Stay tuned for more great pros and videos from PokerSavvy. And watch out
for me in more pink tutus on TV.

Dani Stern

"Moving On"

Posted September 02, 2009 by JTMartino

Good luck ansky! I'm gonna miss your vids!

"Moving On"

Posted September 02, 2009 by EpicFoldGuy

The 1st video I watched here when I was grinding $1 sngs... You were playing some guy HU and you put him on a RANGE! I remember thinking "isn't that cheating!? OMG so smart!!" haha. Now 1.5 years later later I play NL1000 and I'm still learning new things rewatching the same videos. Good luck with whatever you're gonna do next.

"Moving On"

Posted September 02, 2009 by getlifted

I am truely in your debt Ansky. Your videos are what got me thinking about poker in the first place. I'm sad. Kind of like losing a friend/mentor that I've had the pleasure to study with along my journey. I hope that the future brings you all you deserve, and at least in my case you'll be missed.

Thanks for everything.

"Moving On"

Posted September 02, 2009 by DHM0219

wow, it's really sad to see you moving on ansky. i essentially joined up a year and a half back to watch your and ike's videos and now you're both gone. it's a real shame for psavvy, but i hope you're moving on to bigger (but clearly not better =P) things

oh and btw, no link in this blog post? is the hundo deal still active? haha, gl moving forward, man

"Moving On"

Posted September 03, 2009 by Diesel_AUP89

gl thanks for the invaluable content. Be seein you on TV

"Moving On"

Posted September 03, 2009 by crussty

Gutted at this Sad( Thanks for all the great videos. Hopefully Pokersavvy will find a worthy replacement......get one of your high stake friends!

"Moving On"

Posted September 03, 2009 by EpicFoldGuy

You didn't post a link. Keep the $100 yourself.

(not sure if you leaving unbinds you from the rule, but just wanted to prevent someone being lame about it)

Edit: Oh **** dhm beat me to it

"Moving On"

Posted September 03, 2009 by DHM0219

=P i'm lame

"Moving On"

Posted September 03, 2009 by mjw006

Ansky, thanks for everything!!! Similar story to EFG, your vids were like the first vids i watched back when there were only like 10 videos even up on the whole site =)

Ive learnt so much from you gl in the future whatever you seek!!!! And thanks!


Posted September 04, 2009 by Manley13

My life is over. Good luck dude.

"Moving On"

Posted September 07, 2009 by Foucault

Bummer. You were the reason I joined Poker Savvy too!

Definitely a loss, but still some good instructors left IMO. Smiling

"Moving On"

Posted September 07, 2009 by Gorvacofin

Hi Dani, I recently joined psp and your vids are some the best I've ever seen. Sorry you're leaving, and good luck with your new ventures.

"Moving On"

Posted September 08, 2009 by xblah

GL Ansky.

"Moving On"

Posted September 08, 2009 by maretto

Add me to that list that joined because of your vid`s... really sucks for us, but can only wish you the best. Hope to see u at the tables!!


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