Set Mining in PLO

Hi can someone shed some light on these PLO situations please.

Is it
profitable to set mine in PLO? Example if you hold a weak hand which
only has set potential like in the CO with QQ26 theres been a raise can
I call? Also would this change if it was 55T2? If a couple of people
limped should I over limp with these types of hands looking to set
mine? Also if im in the SB and its been limpted around can i complet
with these hands?

And finaly does this change if I have a hand like
JJ66 and theres been a raise?



Set Mining in PLO

Hiii dude,


I'm not an expert in omaha but here's the 2 rules of law in omaha-

"Always play hands that will draw to the nuts"

"Play in position only" 

So do not play small pairs because you can easily get screwed by higher trips. JJ66 is a very poor hand in omaha.

As for limping in the sb...it depends on the strenght of your cards and the odds you are getting.



Set Mining in PLO

HA! literally LOL. Can we get SirWatts to comment? Smiling


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