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CRYSTAL BALL Our Predictions for Iowa Results

from updel395. 30 August 2012, 1:01.

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Were journalists, not prognosticators. But in this business, sometimes it is just an irresistible conversation line to turn to each other and ask, so, what do you think is really going to happen?

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from updel395. 30 August 2012, 1:01.


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from dswjwi. 28 August 2012, 1:01.

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Aussie Millions Event 1, You Only Donk Twice

from Bond18. 18 January 2010, 16:16.

I played the first event of the Aussie Millions twice. Much like the Poker News Cup before it, the event was a "repecharge" where players
are allowed to play day 1a or 1b and if they bust they can replay it again on day 1c, which was also open to new entrants as well. The end
result was an opening event with over 1100 entrants and $1.1 million in the pool at it's $1100 buy in. Hopefully a good sign of field sizes to

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If Ever There Was a Spot to Fold Bottom Set for 109 BBs...

from Foucault. 18 January 2010, 12:12.

No-Limit Hold’em, $50.00 BB (9 handed) - Hold’em Manager Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com

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The Racial Politics of The Blind Side

from Foucault. 15 January 2010, 15:15.

I’ve been vaguely aware of both the plot of The Blind Side(homeless black teenager from broken family is adopted by wealthy white family and goes on to play pro football) and the critiques of its racial politics for some time, and despite its unexpected box office success, I’ve had little desire to see it. I’m currently in Florida visiting my grandmother, though, and she wanted to see The Blind Side, so see The Blind Side we did.

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The Best Thing About Live Cash Games

from Foucault. 14 January 2010, 15:15.

Here’s a few miscellaneous hands I made notes to post about. These first two were from my first night here, at $5/$10 NLHE, and the last one was from today in a pretty nitty $10/$25 game with a couple tough players.

River Check-Raise

Two limpers, I complete J6s in the SB, BB checks. Flop KJ6, all diamonds. I bet $35, the first limper raises to $75, the other players fold, and I call.

Turn 5d, we both check.

River Jc, I check, he bets $150, I raise to $550, he pays me off.


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Aussie Millions prelude

from Bond18. 13 January 2010, 23:23.

It's that time of year again. I look forward to the Aussie Millions more than any other tournament series. It's the perfect length, in the perfect city, during the perfect two weeks of summer. It's especially nice because I don't have to go anywhere to play in a major tournament besides a quick jaunt across the street, and the Australian Open tennis tournament is on just a 15 minute walk away.

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Response to Lee Watkinson's blog on racial profiling

from Bond18. 8 January 2010, 23:23.

I recently read Lee Watkinson's latest blog entry. I don't know the guy particularly well, but from what I can tell he seems like a nice guy and I've got no personal beef with him, I simply believe his entry to be very misinformed. Additionally, I rarely give much of a shit about politics (which is what happens when you live in Australia long enough) but in this case I'll make an exception.

Watkinson essentially argues that if you belong to the race or fit the description that most terrorists do, then you should just accept racial profiling. To quote him:

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