Eduard Antonyan
aka Eddi

I got first introduced to poker during a 2006-2007 New Year party where I lost about 20 bucks. I became curious about the game and started reading up on the internet, started to play a lot of freerolls and even organized a weekly sit-n-go at home. Too scared of "gambling", which is how I thought of poker at the time, I would not deposit any money online. Despite that, eventually I made enough from the freerolls to actually start playing for money and after a couple of sit-n-go only months I was playing 50NL by the end of 2007. From there on I ran well and had a pretty rapid progress to 3/6 in about 4 months.

Reaching 3/6 I encountered a huge wall. I ran breakeven for 3 months and just couldn't get anything going. At that point I got my first coaching lesson and it was amazing - my winrate shot up like crazy and I was crushing 3/6 and 5/10 in no time. There was so much I just did not think about on my own, and I realized that coaching should be incorporated as a regular part of my game. I hit another wall a bit later at 10/20, which took me a lot longer to conquer and again I wouldn't be able to profitably play 10/20 now without help from coaching. I currently play mostly 5/10 and 10/20.

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